Buying a greenhouse

If you are one of the many people fed up with sitting in the house looking out at the garden over the winter months, it might be worth considering investing in a greenhouse. A greenhouse is not just for expert gardeners. Even a small greenhouse can be a very relaxing hobby as well as being very useful for anyone who wants to grow tender plants and vegetables all year round. These day’s greenhouses are available in all shapes and sizes and to suit all budgets.
   If you are thinking of buying a greenhouse there are a number of factors that you should take into consideration. Probably the most important factor to consider is the site. Ideally the greenhouse should be sited in a part of the garden where it gets maximum sunlight, especially in the morning, but preferably all day. A southern exposure is usually best, with east facing being the next choice. The greenhouse should also be sited close to a source of water as this will be needed through the summer months and a source of electricity as this may be needed for heating. If you have children it is also usually advisable to site your greenhouse away from any potential football pitches.
   The amount of space that you have available in your garden will ultimately determine the size and shape of the greenhouse that you can accommodate. There are two main types of greenhouses available, free standing and lean-to. While free standing greenhouses offer more growing space and are probably more attractive, they are usually a lot harder to heat than their lean-to counterparts who share at least one wall with either a house or garage. Along with the space available, the size of the greenhouse will also be influenced by the intended use. Ideally the greenhouse should be big enough to accommodate plant benches, a potting bench and an area to store materials.
   The temperature required in the greenhouse should also be taken into account before a purchase is made. While this will be determined by the type of plants that you wish to grow, it is advisable to leave your options open as a greenhouse is a long term investment and the type of plants that you wish to grow might change with the seasons. To cover all angles your greenhouse should combine a heater with plenty of louvers and roof vents for ventilation which will allow you to control the temperature all year round.
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