Investments in the future

While January can seem like the bleakest time of the year, it is worth noting that the days have already begun to lengthen and Spring is just around the corner. With this in mind now is a very good time to lay the foundations for a successful and productive growing season.
   The starting point to any new growing season is usually a thorough tidy up of the garden area. It is vitally important at this time of year to rake up and remove all the fallen leaves and debris that has accumulated over the Winter months. If these leaves are not removed they can offer protection to slugs, snails and other garden pests over the winter months which can prove problematic throughout the year. January is also a good time to scrub and remove green algae from patios and paved areas around the garden. A cheap and effective way of doing this can be with a solution of washing soda crystals dissolved in hot water.
   At this time of year it is important to monitor the general health of your garden. Strong winds can still be expected so it is important to check that all trees, shrubs and garden structures are secure. In the event of a snow fall it is also important to remove heavy deposits from the branches of evergreen plans to avoid breakages.
   Throughout January it is good to remember that any garden has the potential to become a haven for wildlife. While it pays to feed garden birds all year round, these birds come to relay on human help at this time of year as their normal plant and insect sources of food naturally decline. In return for being generous to our feathered friends at this time of year we can expect a Summer in which our garden is filled with the song of wild birds.
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